Stainless Bathroom Sink Faucet Parts

Installation Bathroom Sink Faucet Parts

Bathroom sink faucet parts – First to install bathroom sink faucet parts, insert a saw blade in one of the front holes. Set a piece of wood across the sink area designated. Cut along the lines of the front and rear template with the jigsaw. Set the sink into the hole to check the fit. Set the sink upside down on a flat surface. Apply a thin layer of silicone caulk to the bathroom sink faucet parts base. Secure faucet with nuts and washers mounting screws to the bottom of the sink with a wrench. Install drain according to manufacturer’s instructions sink. Drainage is pushed into the drain opening of the sink and connected to the bottom of the sink with washer assembly.

Apply a bead of silicone on the bottom lip of the sink, following the perimeter of the flange. Turn the sink and put in place on the counter opening prepared. Remove excess caulk with a damp cloth. Connect the flexible supply lines to the bathroom sink faucet parts assembly according to the manufacturer’s instructions sink. Connect the trap adapter to the drain of the sink. Turn the water supply lines. Run water and check for leaks.

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