60 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink With Makeup Area

Georgia 60 Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

New Waves manufacturer offers a line of three double sink vanities – the Malibu, the Reni and Georgia. Although the three models share an agile, modern aesthetic design, it features classic Georgian coloration, somewhat rustic. Georgia New Waves’, 60 bathroom vanity double sink, not including tap fittings or mirrors. Vanity specifications may change as the product line New Waves’ evolves. Georgia 60 bathroom vanity double sink New Waves’ has a granite counter mottled gray and brown with white ceramic double basins that sit on top of a cupboard snuff mixed color wood.

Closet doors of the unit have a slightly rounded forehead. The holes drilled in the countertop vanity Georgia accommodate eight taps. A two-tier shelf divides two main vanity cabinets. The unit also has two functional drawers at the bottom and two decorative false drawers on top. Cabinets’ soft closing hinges used to reduce the noise and wear.

Georgia 60 bathroom vanity double sink wide and 22 inches deep. Reaches 34.5 inches tall. Each of the cabinets double vanity measure 22.5 inches wide and 27.07 inches high; Middle Georgia cabinet measuring 5.9 inches wide and 27.07 inches high. Although the unit itself weighs 205 pounds, shipping weight is 379 pounds.

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