Bathroom Subway Tile Backsplash

Bathroom Subway Tile Design

Bathroom subway tile – For some time now, in many kitchens and bathrooms with a certain vintage, we often observe a type of coating quite particular. This is beveled tiles, typically 10 × 20 cm, called Metro style rectangular tiles or subway tiles. These tiles come to the decorating magazines as the perfect intimate kitchens and bathrooms with a personal touch add. A solution that came into use in the early twentieth century, though not exactly in the bathrooms and galleys.

This bathroom subway tile is a coating that was used in the subway stations of the most important cities in the world, in the early twentieth century. So, gradually, they became a symbol of art deco, which incidentally has resurfaced with force in the world of contemporary decor.

Bathroom subway tile usually arranged horizontally, although it is also possible to see them vertically or herringbone, these tiles have a very clear role in the basements of half the world, bringing light. Thus, one of the values ​​that will contribute to our stays just this illuminative plus; and we can not forget that the meters, as a rule, are dark places with little natural light and lots of artificial light.

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